Falcon Arrow | “Cryptoscience and Hard Times EP”

photo by Wade Ardery

Falcon Arrow might be your best intro to  epic instrumental music, if unfamiliar.  What two guys can produce with just a guitar and a drum set has really changed over the past ten years, and the advent of loop pedals has opened a whole new chest of drawers.  Some startlingly beautiful things have emerged.

A local duo, Falcon Arrow demonstrates precisely how well it’s done.  Dav Kemp’s drumming is the leading beat to an odyssey through landscapes laid down by Matt Reints’  bass guitar.  At times it’s minimalistic, at other times triumphant and mammoth in its sound.  Think time lapse footage of geologic shifts: mountain ranges rising up, continents drifting apart.   Yeah, it’s stuff that intoxicates, transcends, and leaves you feeling reborn when it’s over.

Falcon Arrow are playing next on January 15th at Big V’s in St. Paul, and then at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis on January 22nd.  If you like what you hear, tune in to Radio K’s “Now Like Photographs” every Wednesday night, 7 – 9pm, where all kinds of gems along this vein are showcased.

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