Days of Rae | “Quiet Profanity”

As someone who can turn his nose up at “catchy hooks” I have to admit I am quite impressed by new local minstrels Days of Rae.  Their Quiet Profanity release had me thinking of Mazzy Star, which I can totally appreciate.  But that’s not to pigeonhole them — they stand firmly on their own feet here.

My hat goes off to these people, who in only a year have made very thorough rounds of the Twin Cities, getting their feet dirty at all kinds of local stages.  Lead singer Cherie Rae Cobbs’ voice cuts through the air like a good steel cuts fancy hard cheese.      Any local venue should be delighted to be graced with  such high caliber musician-ship.

Catch their next show at Jo Jo’s Rise & Wine Cafe on February 20th, or the following week at the Hexagon Bar on February 25th.

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