Lunch of Champions Music Business Podcast #3 – Charlie Van Stee

Charlie Van Stee is one of my favorite musicians and songwriters in the world.  Always generous with a gig, he has played, seemingly, everywhere in town with his band, Charlie Van Stee Trio.

His recent musical exploits have seen him break new ground artistically, recording a minimalistic Alvis Ruxpin EP alongside his forthcoming, all the bells and whistles release, Tigers Will Eat You.  His new stuff has much of the flavor of the Charlie Van Stee Trio sound, but it also has something more.  Something different.

In this audio interview, Charlie shares his experiences busking for spare change in Seattle, his experience booking shows in Minneapolis, his undeniable attraction to making music at any costs, and how he balances life’s many demands with his music career.


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4 thoughts on “Lunch of Champions Music Business Podcast #3 – Charlie Van Stee

  1. I think I’m Charlie Van Stee’s biggest fan (besides his lovely wife Kristen, who is also one of my dearest friends)! Thank you for exposing Charlie to more of the world, please have him back again soon!

    In Peace,
    Karmann Peters

  2. Enjoyed hearing about the ‘trails and tribulations’ of Charlie Van Stee and the journey he’s taken to get to this point in his musical career. Thanks for sharing the interview. And I love the title ‘ Tigers Can Eat You’ and will look for it. Visions of Winnie the Pooh are stuck in my head, but I’m sure Charlie will surprise us all with his lyrics.

  3. Great interview. He’s had tons of experiences I didn’t know about. His music, I love, and he surprises us as he continues up the path of stardom. You are also a great speaker – maybe combine talking with music…Garrison Keeler? You have much talent – can hardly wait to see what is next!

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