Miley Cyrus 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Review: Watch out for bears!!!


Apparently people care about the MTV Video Music Awards.  I don’t know why.

I only sat through the 6-minute debacle below, because my wife told me it was worth watching.  Let me tell you – it wasn’t.

Based on my wife’s description, it was gross, obscene, and got the press in a tizzy today.  While the press and the Religious Right might be up-in-arms about it, I found the performance stale, boring, and lacking of any artistic credibility.

But what can one expect from MTV?

Here she is, a lady with a famous name and a hillbilly dad, ready to break through to the big time, and what does she do – she is seen in public performing with a bunch of bears!  I really think that whoever decided on bears should be fired.  It just didn’t play.

To top it off, she was performing with a bunch of other C-list celebrities who have so little talent that they get lost in a sea of giant bears, themselves.

The only guy who didn’t seem to be lost in bears was the rapper.  Not coincidentally, he seemed to be the only person on stage with any sense of the moment – “Steer clear of the bears!” he thought as he whipped up his lyrics.

And then there was the girl with the tongue.  Now, the tongue, which is about the sexiest thing on the stage was, unfortunately, put back in the mouth while everybody clamored for the cameras attention amongst glamour-hogging bears.

Oh, MTV, how you have fallen.  You are now nothing more than a crazy bear channel to me.

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